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BLUE BOOK of Canadian Food Store Operators and Wholesalers was last published in September 2004; No further issues have been published.

BLUE BOOK is a directory providing information on corporate chains and voluntary and cooperative groups in the wholesale and retail food industry.

Because the wholesale and retail food trade is a dynamic and ever-changing environment, suppliers to the Canadian food store market benefit from data concerning existing and potential clients. Use BLUE BOOK as a useful and convenient tool to manage contacts and to establish new contacts with key industry participants. Increased sales, reduced costs, and improved market focus and penetration may result from using BLUE BOOK.

Listed data includes head office coordinates, mailing information, merchandising managers and executives, buying policy, groups/banners operated, private labels/brand names, and additional store details. Also included are a regional store quantity table and a listing of related websites.

BLUE BOOK is an exceptional value at only $40.00/copy (+ postage and applicable taxes).

Order your issue today!! * No longer produced *

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