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Goldbooks Overview

GOLD BOOK is the premier product line of Sanford Evans Research Group. GOLD BOOKS are split into two categories: Data Guides and Valuation Guides.

Vehicle Data Guides:
The Car and Truck Data Guides are two separate books published annually at the same time. These identification guides Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) in addition to engine, weight, and chassis specifications for 9 model years. Original MSRPs (List Price New) are also featured.

Vehicle Value Guides:
Vehicle Value Guides detail cars, light-duty pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans in the same publication. Value Guides provide estimated current average wholesale and retail values for Eastern Canada, Western Canada, and British Columbia in addition to original MSRP. The USED (2018-2012: monthly) and OLDER (2011-2002: quarterly) vehicle publications combine to cover 17 model years.

Combined Guides:
The Motorcycle/ATV/PWC Data & Value Guide and the Snowmobile Data & Value Guide are annual publications each detailing engine and chassis specifications, original MSRPs, and estimated current average resale values all in one guide. The Motorcycle guide covers 2018-1978 model years, while the Snowmobile guide lists 2019-1974 models years.

Online solutions to provide access to Data & Valuations are now available.

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